There are two paths that lead down from Victoria Road to Kong Sin Wan Road and the Academy. 


The North path is recently redeveloped and the East path has also had improvements.  Each have a ‘To Cyberport’ sign from Victoria Road.  Either make for a fun adventure getting to school in the morning.  Going up them in the afternoon is only for those who can handle the challenges of a steep walk up.  Those with an interest in adventure and an alternative to the morning drop-off routine will want to give these paths a try.

Here is a description of the North path:

Starting from Victoria Road the path down hasn't changed much.  A new sign To Cyberport guides the way.

20190813 160434 HDRs

Once down the first 15-20 meters you will see the improved path as new concrete greets you. The path wanders through no longer used plots of land where homes once stood.  In places with a bit of a grade, a black traction surface material has been put down. There are stairs and railings too. The builders also included benches for those with time to sit and view the valley the Academy campus now occupies. 

20190813 161058 HDRs

The path empties out at the north end of Kong Sin Wan with a small sitting out area and connects to the Kong Sin Wan Road sidewalks. 

20190813 161459 HDRs


The East path also has a To Cyberport sign and is a no nonsense walk down stairs. What it lacks in views, it makes up for being a shorter walk.

East Path Down s4