This week we discuss morning drop-off.  Particularly the time that is closest to the start of school (~7:55am - ~8:05am). 

There are observable changes to the nature of the flow as we get close to the start of school.


1) Some pedestrians have a greater need to cross the street.  One can see it in their eyes as they wait (or sometimes don't wait) to cross Information Crescent just past Cyberport 2.

A vehicle striking a pedestrian remains an unlikely event.  However the chances are higher at this time because pedestrians are in a hurry.  

Vehicles can also be in a hurry to drop-off or simply move through the congestion.  The impact of such an incident would be catastrophic.


2) A greater number of vehicles dropping off students are coming in from the stop light and turning right from Information Crescent into Kong Sin Wan Road.

The volume of vehicles that queue up on Information Crescent to turn right into Kong Sin Wan increases around the start of school.  Some vehicles position themselves on Information Crescent to allow other vehicles to pass on the left.  This is helpful until more than two vehicles are waiting to turn right.  At that point all traffic behind is blocked.  

Unfortunately some vehicles do not position themselves to allow other vehicles to pass on the left and so all traffic behind them is blocked.

The Academy and PTA discourage right turns, particularly when making a turn will contribute to congestion behind the turning vehicle.

Pedestrian side note: The line of vehicles turning right from Information Crescent to Kong Sin Wan will at times block oncoming vehicles.  Some of the vehicles turning right also have a higher profile.  This makes it difficult for smaller pedestrians crossing the street to see the vehicles coming from roundabout towards them until they are halfway across the street.  


Depending on the child's needs, families should consider using the Cyberport lay-bys to drop their children if the students are capable of crossing the sidewalk or are accompanied by adults who will supervise them.  That extra bit of walking is healthy and it is good to talk to your child on the way.  Yes, it is humid, very humid, sometimes. 

3 There is an increased tendency for vehicles to drop their students off at or before the Primary driveway.  

The drop-off is intended to be as far down the to the Secondary exit as possible.  One can guess the motivation behind this behavior is a concern that the students are late and the additional walking required will make them more late.  This combined with the increased number of vehicles turning right into Kong Sin Wan from Information Crescent, reduces the flow of traffic down Kong Sin Wan and contributes to congestion on Information Crescent.

4 The number of vehicles picking up adults at the Cyberport 1 lay-by increases.

At this time of day the Cyberport 1 lay-by can be briefly taken over by waiting vehicles.  

The Cyberport 1 lay-by is a wonderful place for adults to be picked up after they have walked their student to the gate.

Adults should walk as far down the driveway as possible to be picked up.  This allows for the full driveway to be used for by vehicles and reduces the likelihood of a tailback of vehicles spilling out from Cyberport 1 lay-by on to Information Crescent.

What happens too often is that a vehicle stops to pick-up an adult at the entrance to Cyberport 1 lay-by and other vehicles choosing to use the lay-by queue up behind it.  This blocks Information Crescent traffic moving towards the roundabout.

Vehicles should enter the Cyberport 1 lay-by to pick-up their adult(s) only once the adult is there.  It is not a waiting zone.

Vehicles waiting at the Cyberport 1 lay-by make it a less attractive drop-off location for others.


 5)  Delays leaving the Cyberport 2 lay-by or the parking garage can get worse right around the start of school.

If we could improve on items 2, 3 and 4 we could possibly reduce the congestion on Information Crescent moving towards the roundabout.  Think about that as you exit the Cyberport 2 lay-by or parking garage.


The better we execute, the safer our children, the sooner we clear the roads, the greater the likelihood our driving to school privileges will remain, happily ever after.