Parents should be reminded that there are ample parking spaces at the Cyberport Car Park during student drop-off and pick-up times. There is free parking for 30 minutes.

Parents and guardians are also asked to observe the traffic arrangements that have been in force since mid-March 2015. Three pick-up/drop-off points are available: Point A on Kong Sin Wan Road outside the Secondary Gate is used by Primary students, whereas Point B (outside Cyberport Phase II building) and Point C (outside Cyberport Phase I building) are used by Secondary students (please see illustration in the map below). Parents and guardians should also refrain from turning right into Kong Sin Wan Road from Information Crescent, and from stopping and parking at the road junction.





Our drop-off and pick-up have seen overall improvement. A few pain points remain and there are occasional bad actors on the roads.

Pain Points

Afternoon Pick-up:

Primary and Secondary school entrances need to be clear of vehicles to allow buses in and out of school.

This applies to all dismissal times.

Special note: Buses shuttling students to CCAs and other off campus events need clear access along Kong Sin Wan Road to get to and back into the Secondary gate.


Morning Drop-off:

On the congestion front, right turns from Information Crescent into Kong Sin Wan are a pain point at peak times.

Vehicles waiting to turn right into Kong Sin Wan Road delay users of Cyberport 2, the parking garage, and Cyberport 1.

At times these vehicles, also block oncoming traffic traveling east bound on Information Crescent.

Families with accompanying adults or children old enough to navigate the crosswalks should give strong consideration to dropping off at one of the Cyberport lay-bys.

This avoids Kong Sin Wan Road entirely.


Morning Drop-off & Afternoon Pick-up:

Cyberport 1 lay-by is under utilized.  More vehicles could this drop-off point.

Vehicles entering the lay-by should pull as far forward as possible.

People should disembark and board their vehicles as far forward as possible.

This increases the number of cars that can be using the lay-by and avoids vehicle congestion spilling out onto Information Crescent.

The Cyberport 1 lay-by is not to be used as vehicle waiting area during drop-off or pick-up. 

If you are not picking up or dropping off you should not be waiting there.

A final note, the school has not designated the area west of the new sidewalk as a drop-off or pick-up point. 


Highlighting some bad actor actions

  • Right turns exiting Kong Sin Wan Road
  • Backing into a school driveway to turnaround when children are present
  • Waiting in a lay-by
  • Vehicles waiting on the school side sidewalk on Kong SIn Wan road
  • Right turning into Cyberport 1 lay-by and obstructing oncoming vehicles
  • Stopping in a crosswalk
  • Non-cooperative interaction with school staff