If you weren’t able to join CLSG’s session on “Technology and How it Can Support Chinese Learning” this week, see the items below.  


A brief summary can be found by clicking here.


Chinese eResources Available Through the Primary Library

Ms Karen I. ,Head Librarian – Primary, shared with us Chinese eResources available through the Primary Library. For a list of brochures published by the Primary Library, please click here.  These include lists of : audio books, bridging books, books with Pinyin, ISF-subscribed Chinese & English databases, as well as library account access information. 


A table showing the Chinese eResources available through the Primary Library has been provided by Ms Karen I., detailing each website’s suitability by age/grade, whether there might be a comprehension/quiz component, audio component, writing component, bilingual option and key purpose. Please click here.


Interested in some useful Apps or websites for Chinese learning such as KTdict C-E, eStroke, EC Dictionary, Skritter and Quizlet ? See Ms Jayne S.’s presentation by clicking here.



This year, CLSG co-ordinators will be meeting with Ms Shan Ning on two occasions to provide feedback to her from ISF’s non-Chinese speaking community. The first meeting will take place in the first week of December. We would like to garner any comments and feedback that you may have by Monday, December 1st. All feedback will be consolidated and will not be attributed to any individual.


Next CLSG Meeting

CLSG’s next meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 13th 2015. We have invited Ms Rae S. and Ms Winnie W. (Head of English Math and Chinese Math - Primary) to present on the topic of “What’s the difference between Chinese & English Math” with a focus on the lower primary years. 


We look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing you at our next meeting !