We are delighted to have Mr. Shaun Melind, Head of English Math and Wang Shu-Hua Head of Chinese Math, who will  join our next meeting to share with CLSG members an overview of the math curriculum, highlighting the key differences between English and Chinese maths.

The event will start at 8:15 am on Tuesday, December 5th in Jessie's Kitchen meeting rooms.  Always check signage at the school entrance for location changes.

In addition to the curriculum, this workshop will also cover methodologies in instruction and assessments for both Chinese and English math for the lower primary years.

All members are welcome to join to learn more about Chinese & English Math and what additional support is available to help your child’s development and learning.




日期:    2017年12月5日,星期二

時間:    早上8:15

地點:  佩珍軒會議室

主題:    數學課程

我們有幸請到英文數學組長Shaun Melind老師和中文數學學科組長王淑華老師來和大家介紹數學課程,尤其是中文數學和英文數學的主要不同之處。另外,我們也會討論初小數學的教學和評估方法。