Chinese Language Support Group (CLSG)

The Chinese Language Support Group (CLSG) is comprised of non-Chinese speaking parents who meet monthly to share ideas, and educate one another with respect to Chinese language and culture. Please contact the coordinators at if you have questions, or are interesting in joining the group.


Chinese Language Support Group (CLSG) 中文語言支援組(CLSG)學年第一次會議
中文語言支援組是由一群以非中文為母語的家長組成,每月定期見面,分享及互相學習對中國語文及文化的意見及看法。如果您有興趣參加此小組,或對這小組有任何疑問,請以電郵 與負責協調的人員聯絡。

CLSG December 5th Math Curriculum Workshop

We are delighted to have Mr. Shaun Melind, Head of English Math and Wang Shu-Hua Head of Chinese Math, who will  join our next meeting to share with CLSG members an overview of the math curriculum, highlighting the key differences between English and Chinese maths.

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CLSG Presentation: Chinese Language Overseas Summer Programs 中文學習支援小組聚會簡報:中國語文海外暑期課程

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