As Re-registration (Part 2) for 2022-2023 Academic Year approaches, ISF Academy PTA is proud to announce that PTA membership will be integrated into PowerSchool and ISF Single Sign-On, and membership registration will occur via PowerSchool accordingly.

This integration means a few key changes to the 2022-2023 Academic Year PTA membership registration to take note of:

  • Parents will no longer register as PTA members via the PTA website
  • Membership sign up and payment will occur via PowerSchool
  • There will no longer be a separate login for PTA website as it is part of ISF Single Sign-On using PowerSchool family ID

ISF Academy PTA supports The ISF Academy in building a stronger community among students, parents and faculty and staff. Membership in ISF Academy PTA is offered on an annual basis. The fee for the 2022-2023 academic year is $350 (a special one-time discount from the previous annual fee of $450), which covers your entire family regardless of how many children you have attending The ISF Academy.

Please do note that if you opt-out of this membership, you will not have any access to PTA benefits:

  • All parent volunteer opportunities organized by PTA such as library work, class representatives and tutor group representatives
  • Regular PTA organized events such as speaker series, community service, and the PTA Annual Event
  • The PTA website and news

ISF Academy PTA membership is limited to The ISF Academy community. We welcome Pre-School Parents to join us upon becoming part of The ISF Academy community.

For enquiries, please contact

2022-2023 學年舊生註冊(第二部分)即將開始,弘立書院家教會很高興地宣佈新學年的家教會會籍註冊及登入帳號將成為PowerSchool的一部份,家長們可通過PowerSchool進行弘立書院家教會會籍註冊。


  • 家長將不再通過家教會網站註冊為家教會會員
  • 會員登記及付款將於 PowerSchool 進行
  • 家教會網站是 ISF Single Sign-On 平台的一部分,與 PowerSchool 家庭共用 ID,不再設有獨立登記



  • 家教會組織的家長義務活動,例如圖書館工作,班級代表等
  • 家教會組織的常規活動,如講座、社區服務以及家教會年度活動
  • 登入家教會網站和獲取家教會訊息