ISF Academy PTA Membership Discounts

We are pleased to announce our first ever ISF Academy PTA Membership Benefits program.  The following businesses have agreed to provide discounts for ISF Academy PTA members who present their membership sticker when patronizing their establishment.

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Membership Discount Program Fine Print

This is a new program the ISF Academy PTA is piloting for the 2017 – 2018 school year

The program is for current member families of the ISF Academy PTA

The official launch of the program will be on December 1st, 2017 and run through the 2017 – 2018 school year

Membership stickers (to demonstrate membership) can be picked up by families at designated distribution points on campus throughout the year 

Announcements will be made regarding those dates and places

The definitive list of vendor participants and terms of the program will be maintained here

Vendors participation in the program may change over time, with new vendors added and existing vendors discontinuing participation

ISF Academy PTA members are welcome to propose or source potential participating vendors, however all participating vendors must be vetted by a member of the ISF Academy PTA Representative Council

ISF Academy PTA assumes no responsibility for any arrangements, contracts, purchases, or disputes between members and the vendors

Some vendors may require additional proof of participation beyond the ISF Academy PTA sticker – in such cases details will be provided under the vendor on this website

Depending on feedback, the program may be continued in future years

For any questions please email


弘立書院家教會會員折扣計劃 – 資料頁

· 這是弘立書院家教會在2017-2018學年試行的新計劃

· 此計劃適用於弘立書院家教會的現有成員家庭

· 此計劃將於2017121日正式開始,適用於整個2017-2018學年

· 會員家庭可以在學年內到校園中的指定派發地點領取會員貼紙(用以表明會員資格)。領取會員貼紙日期及地點將於稍後公佈

· 參與計劃的商戶名單及計劃條款將上載於弘立書院家教會網站

· 參與計劃的商戶會隨著時間而改變,新的商戶可能會加入,現有的商戶可能會停止參

· 我們歡迎弘立書院家教會成員提出或尋找潛在的參與商戶,然而所有參與的商戶必須經由弘立書院家教會代表委員會的成員審核

· 對於家教會成員及商戶之間的任何安排、合同、採購或糾紛,弘立書院家教會不承擔任何責任

· 某些商戶可能要求會員出示會員貼紙以外的證明,有關細節將上載於弘立書院家教會網站

· 如會員反映的意見表示支持,此計劃在未來可能會繼續推行