Primary Parenting Workshop

ISF Academy PTA Speaker Series Presents:

Primary Parenting Workshop

Five Classes:

  1. Thursday, October 8, 2020  Grow with your child
  2. Thursday, October 15, 2020 Be an excellent parent
  3. Thursday, October 22, 2020  How to nurture proactive children
  4. Thursday, October 29, 2020 The dangers & opportunities brought to children in the 21th century
  5. Thursday, November 12, 2020 HealthyMind parenting

Venue: Zoom Online Workshop

Time: 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.   

Speaker: Mr. Ringle Leung

Language: Cantonese

With Focus on Primary Parents

Fees:  ISF Academy PTA Members - Discount price of $880 per person for 5 classes.

           (This event is open to ISF Academy PTA Members only.)

Click here to register: FOR PTA MEMBERS 

Instructor: Mr. Ringle Leung

Mr. Ringle Leung is the founder and CEO of HealthyMind Parents Academy. He is an Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong Children Foundation, PDA Certified Trainer and China Adult Education Association Certified Instructor.




  1. 2020年10月8日 (星期四)陪童渡過
  2. 2020年10月15日 (星期四)做孩子心中的100分父母
  3. 2020年10月22日 (星期四)如何培育積極主動的孩子
  4. 2020年10月29日 (星期四)21世紀對孩子帶來的危機感
  5. 2020年11月12日 (星期四)添正能量


時間:晚上 8:00 至 10:00         




收費:   弘立家教會會員 -每位家長優惠價格$880,共包括5堂课程。


點擊這裡登記:PTA 會員登記



ISFA PTA Mbrs HK$ 880.00

How to Read through Adolescent’s Mind?


How to Read through Adolescent’s Mind?

There are 3 communication blind spots between parents and their children, but these are commonly misunderstood by parents due to 4 major psychological factors that affect adolescents. If you want to know how to establish positive communication rules that will lead to a mutual, loving parent-child relationship, you are welcome to attend a talk that will be given by Mr. Rex Wu.

Date: Monday, October 5, 2020

Venue: Zoom Online Seminar

Time: 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.: Talk + Q&A           

Speaker: Mr. Rex Wu

Language: Cantonese

With Focus on Upper Primary and Secondary Parents

Fees:  ISF Academy PTA Members - Free

           (This event is open to The ISF Academy community only.)

Speaker: Mr. Rex Wu

Mr. Rex Wu is the founder and principal of HealthyMind Parents Academy. He obtained his Bachelor of Art in Psychology at WCIMT of Australia. He is a China National Accredited Psychological Counselor, NFNLP Certified NLP Master Trainer and PGNLP Certified NLP Trainer.




日期:2020年10月5日 (星期一)


時間:晚上 8:00 至 10:00  研討會 + 問答時間





收費:   弘立家教會會員: 免費




ISF Academy PTA Speaker Series Presents:

PTA members can watch the video below.

"Most Likely to Succeed" Resources for ISF Academy Families

PTA members can watch the video below.

PTA members can watch Excel in Sports and School: Prepare Your Child For The Path And Not The Path For Your Child a panel discussion hosted By Ms. Crystal LEE with Mr. Stefano PASSARELLO, Ms. Chui-Yee YU and Ms. Annabelle BOND below.