Learn hard & play hard... outside The ISF Academy

盡情學習 盡情的玩...弘立帶您看世界


What do you do with your kids during weekends and holidays? This column collects and lists out fun education activities that are non-academics, family-oriented and interesting for parents to spend quality and meaningful time with our children during free time in and outside Hong Kong.

The proposed categories of events and activities to be highlighted are:

1) Art / Culture (2 events, last updated 27 Nov 2017)

2) Movie / Performance / Music (2 events, last updated 14 Aug 2018)

3) Fun outing / family activities (3 events, last updated 2 Nov 2017)

4) Sports event (no event, last updated 7 June 2017)

5) Parenting books / seminars (no event, last updated 11 Oct 2017)

6) Holiday Camps (no event,  last updated 10 March 2017)


Click any of the above categories to bring you to the EDFunCorner that you wish to explore!

Click here to contribute your ideas. We welcome any recommendations from our parent community.

Feel free to contact us at edfuncorner@isfpta.org should you have any queries. 




1. 藝術/文化 (二項活動, 2017年11月27更新)

2. 電影/演出/音樂 (二項活動, 2017年10月16日更新)

3. 戶外活動/親子活動 (活動, 2017年11月2日更新)

4. 體育活動 (沒有活動, 2017年6月7日更新)

5. 育兒書籍和講座 (沒有活動, 2017年10月11日更新)

6. 假日營 (沒有活動, 2017年3月10日更新)




如有疑問,請電郵至 edfuncorner@isfpta.org