Background of the Competition

The PTA Community Services Team is hosting a Qilin Tales - Primary Booklet Design Competition.  The aim is to:

  • Arouse our primary students’ awareness of kids of their age, living overseas, in a different environment.
  • Tap into the valuable resources at our Primary, the creative minds, on drawing and writing.
  • Provide simple reading materials to overseas kids with less access to prints.
  • Create a joint services activity between the Primary students and Secondary students

If you are an ISF Primary Student, and are interested in writing and drawing, COME MAKE YOUR OWN TALES.

The Secondary CCA students, Right to Act group, will bring copies of all winning entries to the ELP trips.  They will send your tales to kids in countries where they do not have access to books. The countries include, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.



  • All ISF Primary Students
  • Students can submit individual works
  • Students are also encouraged to work in groups


Categories (Pick the Target Readers of your Booklet)

  • Category 1:  Kindergarten readers
  • Category 2: Grade 1-3 readers
  • Category 3: Grade 4-6 readers


Topics for the Qilin Tales

After picking the Category, each participant can select from one of the following topics for the theme

  1. Animals
  2. Numbers
  3. Colours
  4. Shapes
  5. Hygiene
  6. Environment



  • English



1, Design on any A3 paper folded into 8 sections (see attached image)

1, Fold an A3 size paper into 8 parts and cut a slot as shown

2,  Fold the paper up

3,  It now becomes an 8-page booklet, ready for design


2, Your favourite drawing pens and colouring tools.

3, You can use your own A3 paper from home; or you can ask the Librarian for the folded A3 paper.


Judging Criteria

  1. Convey a teaching message of the selected topic
  2. Easy and interesting to read
  3. Attractive appearance


Judging Panel

  1. Ms Jenna Mckee
  2. Ms Monica Lo
  3. Mr Simon Joyce
  4. Ms Robyn O’Shea



Please include on each submission:

  1. Student's Name
  2. Student's Class
  3. Student’s ID
  4. The category entered


Submission of Entries

  • Deadline of Submission: 26 Apr, 2019 (Friday)
  • A Submission Box will be placed in the Primary Library from 1 March till 26 April 2019


Winning Entries

  • Announcement will be made in mid May.
  • There will be a presentation of certificates during Assembly
  • The winning entries will be duplicated. The secondary students will bring the duplicated copies along to their ELP trips, and distribute to the Southeast Asian children, who love reading like you.



If you have any queries about the Qilin Tales Competition 2019, please feel free to send email at