農曆新年社區服務活動  CNY Community Services Activity 


 15 Jan 2022 的最新信息



“向長者寄送新年祝福” 1月18日(星期二)前仍然接受報名。

Updates on 15 Jan 2022

“An Afternoon with the Elderly” will be postponed. For those who have paid the event fee, we will refund the full fee by the same method you paid (PayMe/ FPS).   The tentative reschedule date will be in April.  We will keep the confirmed list and waitlist as of now, to arrange for participants.

We understand from the Elderly Community Centers that a lot of the seniors have not participated in any activity past years. Some of them are not very mobile, only live with their partner, or even live alone.  If your kids would like to send CNY blessings to to the elderlies with a CNY cards, please click this link to “A CNY Wish to Seniors”, to understand more and to register.

“A CNY Wish to Seniors” will accept registration till 18 January 2022 (Tuesday).

6 Jan 2022 的最新信息


Updates on 6 Jan 2022

In view of the latest Government measures on Covid, sadly, the in-person visits arrangement for “An Afternoon with the Elderly” has to be modified.  We are now working with the Community Centers on the alternatives mode of “meeting up” - i.e. online. We have sent emails to all the registants, and will update everyone on the latest plan as soon as possible. 


日期:2022 年 1 月 28 日(星期五)

時間:下午2:00-4:00 (校內農曆新年慶祝活動後)



費用:每位參加者 $60 


活動報名已經結束。我們現正分配組別,稍後以電郵通知報名者詳情。如有查詢請電郵至 service@isfpta.org



1, 完成報名表格後,您會收到一封確認電子郵件。 

2, 然後我們會根據語言能力分派參加者,以確保每個中心有足夠的粵語參加者伴隨非粵語參加者;當我們分派好後,會發送確認郵件和付款資料,供您完成註冊。

3, 註冊完成後,我們會在活動前一周向您發送當天的詳細信息,包括指定的長者社區中心。

4, 註冊後,即表示您同意The ISF Academy PTA Ltd. 有權將您和您孩子在活動期間拍攝的照片用於PTA和學校通訊以及PTA宣傳工作。

5, 註冊後,您了解您和您的孩子自願參加活動,風險自負。您將對您自己和/或您的孩子(們)的任何風險或傷害承擔全部責任。您承認 The ISF Academy PTA Ltd. 對任何損失或傷害不承擔任何責任。

6, Covid-19注意事項。各所社區中心會執行 Covid-19的相關預防措施。弘立社區的參與者也需要跟從Covid-19 的相關措施。


Two years ago, PTA led teams of Primary students and parents to visit elderly community centers, where kids sang Chinese song and performed wushu to the seniors, and made CNY crafts together.  PTA is happy to announce that this activity will be relaunched as detailed below:

Date:    28 January 28, 2022 (Friday)  (the afternoon after CNY celebration)

Time:   2:00 - 4:00pm

Venue: Various Local Elderly Community Centers on Southern District 

             (each participant will visit one Community Center that day)

Cost:   $60 for each registrant 

            (students are required to join with an accompanying registered adult)

Registration is now closed. We are arranging the groupings, we will inform all registrants the detail by email. For enquiry, please email to service@isfpta.org


Please note the registration process and details:
1,  Once you complete this registration form, you will receive an acknowledge email.

2, We will then group attendees based on the language proficiency, to ensure there are enough Cantonese speaking attendees accompany non-Cantonese speaking attendees at each center; once we finish with the grouping, we will send out a confirmation email with a payment method for you to complete the registration.

3, Upon completion of registration, we will forward you the details of the day including the assigned Elderly Community Centers a week before the event.

4, Upon registration, you agree that The ISF Academy PTA Ltd. can have the right to use photos taken of yourself and your child(ren) during the event for PTA and School newsletter and for PTA promotion work.

5, Upon registration, you understand that your child(ren) and you are joining the activity voluntarily and at your own risk. You will take full responsibility for any risk or injury to yourself and/or your child(ren). You acknowledge that the ISF Academy PTA Ltd. bears no responsibility for any loss or injury.

6, Covid-19 precautions. The Elderly Community Centers will execute necessary Covid-19 precautionary measures. Participants from the ISF communities should also observe the necessary Covid-19 measures.

報名:請於2021年12月10日( 星期五)下午12:00,按此連結報名

Registration:  Register here on 10 December 2021 (Friday), 12:00 noon.