ISF PTA and The ISF Academy Sustainability Council will continue to collect and recycle/upcycle used uniforms throughout this school year.

Since our collection efforts began last May, we have collected almost 7000 items of clothing that weighed over 1700kg. During the last weeks of the school year and throughout the summer, uniforms were collected, sorted, catalogued, boxed, and ultimately saved from landfill by a combination of commercial textile recycling, textile waste-to-electricity incineration, and charity donations. 

Due to construction works in the C Block near the Primary Gate, we will continue to collect uniforms for the coming weeks near the Secondary Library in Charles Kao Square. Let’s keep the effort going!

**Please note that the recycling/upcycling process requires careful sorting, weighing, and inventorying of the uniforms collected. Please turn in only ISF uniforms. Non-ISF uniforms and clothing greatly complicate the work of the Sustainability Council and volunteers. We appreciate your cooperation on this. 

弘立書院家教會和 弘立書院可持續發展委員會將在本學年繼續努力收集和回收/再利用使用過的校服。 自去年五月開始收集工作以來,我們已經收集了近 7000 件重量超過 1700 公斤的舊校服。 在上學年的最後幾周和整個暑假期間,舊校服被收集、分類、編目、裝箱,並最終通過商業紡織品回收、紡織廢料焚燒和慈善捐贈從垃圾填埋場中拯救出來。

 由於C大樓的建築工程位於小學閘口附近,我們將在接下來的幾週內繼續在高錕廣場中學圖書館旁收集制服。 讓我們繼續努力!

**請注意,校服的回收/再利用過程中,需要對收集的校服進行仔細分類、稱重和盤點。 請僅交回弘立書院校服進行捐贈。 混入非本校校服和其他服裝使可持續發展委員會和義工們的工作變得非常複雜。 感謝您在這方面的合作。