The ISF Academy, ISF Academy PTA, and Impact Hong Kong would like to extend their thanks to all the students who participated in the Art Competition held by Impact Hong Kong for World Homeless Day on Sunday, October 10.

We received 17 beautiful submissions! Each piece was scanned and forwarded to Impact HK. After careful deliberations, the Impact HK Community Helpers selected the work by Hong Fei LU, from Grade 6 Earth House, as the winning ISF piece. Congratulations, Hong Fei!

Many thanks as well to everyone who generously donated to the Sparkraise campaign! The ISF community raised $5500 towards support for individuals experiencing homelessness.

弘立書院,弘立書院家教會和同路舍向所有參加同路舍於10 月10 日星期日舉辦的世界無家者日藝術比賽的學生表示感謝。我們收到了 17 份精美的作品! 每件作品都被掃描並轉發給同路舍。 經過深思熟慮,同路舍社區助理們選擇了來自六年級土社的陸汯飛(Hong Fei LU)的作品作為弘立書院的獲勝作品。 恭喜汯飛! 

也非常感謝所有為 Sparkraise 活動慷慨解囊的人! 弘立書院共籌集了 5500 美元,用於支持無家可歸者。