The ISF community once again has been invited to participate in the 2020 HandsOn Hong Kong Serve-a-thon, running from September 10-27. Because of COVID-19, this year’s Serve-a-thon events are more limited. However, ISF students have a special opportunity to participate virtually. Help ISF PTA and HandsOn Hong Kong brighten the day of the elderly in Hong Kong!

今年弘立書院社群,再一次獲 Hands On Hong Kong 的邀請,參與於 9 月 10 至 27 日舉行的國際義 工節 2020。今年因疫情的關係,國際義工節能提供的活動相較以往少。幸運地,弘立書院學生有機 會透過網絡,代表弘立社群及 Hands On Hong Kong,向長者們問好!


Students and families are invited to film a video message for residents and carers of a local elderly home. These videos, which can be 1-4 minutes in length, should include a brief introduction, words of greeting and encouragement, and can also include a short performance, such as a brief musical piece or poetry recitation. We hope to provide a total of 80 video messages, 50 in Cantonese and 30 in Mandarin.

Families interested in participating should sign up through this form:

Once signed up, you will receive an email with instructions for how to film and upload the videos, along with helpful suggestions and a sample video for reference.

Please contact Jayne Schrantz and Rosetta Kwong at for more information.


我們誠邀弘立書院的學生和家庭,為長者及其照顧者拍攝問候視頻。視頻應長約 1 至 4 分鐘,需要包 括一段簡單的自我介紹,問候語及鼓勵說話;也可在視頻內加入表演環節,如音樂表演、詩歌朗誦等。 我們希望能收集到 80 個視頻,其中 50 個為粵語視頻 、30 個為普通話視頻。



如有問題,請電郵至 與 Jayne 或 Rosetta 聯絡。