The first ISF Academy PTA Secondary Family Service Day was held on Saturday, October 19 in Charles Kao Square.
Over the course of two hours, volunteers worked at four activity stations. By the end of the event, our community created four new Kindness mats, which will be given as housewarming gifts to newly homed individuals through Impact Hong Kong, sorted 440kg of clean soaps to be sent to Soap Cycling charity partners in the Philippines, and assembled 1000 hygiene kits. 360 of these kits were immediately sent to Impact Hong Kong's Guest Room to be distributed among the homeless and those in need in Hong Kong. The remaining 640 kits will be taken on upcoming Secondary ELP Service trips to Laos and Baray, Cambodia. Finally, volunteers helped prepare fabric strips from upcycled t-shirts for an upcoming Grade 1 Service initiative this winter. So much accomplished in only two hours!
Thanks to everyone who attended and to the many volunteers who helped to make this event successful!
Click here to review the powerpoint presentation for more information on these organizations and the Soap Cycling Youtube video ( on their newest crowdfunding campaign for southern Laos. Proceeds from our event will be going to support this campaign!

弘立書院家教會第一屆中學家庭服務日於10月19日星期六在高錕廣場舉行。這項活動取得了巨大的成功,共有100多名中學生及其父母和我們的當地慈善合作夥伴Impact Hong Kong和Soap Cycling參加。這次活動充滿了活力,參與者們欣賞了兩組中學生的現場娛樂表演,包括五人十年級樂隊“ Marco&Friends”和十年級學生Ines Belza Garcia 的表演加上十二年級學生 Brian Cheng提供的吉他伴奏。幾位CAS學生和Robyn O'Shea女士在“迷你服務博覽會”上展示了服務簡介,而我們的書院負責人Diana Ibarra女士帶領了頂樓太陽能裝置的大型參觀。

在兩個小時的過程中,志願者在四個活動站工作。到活動結束時,我們的社區創建了四個新的Kindness墊子,這些墊子將通過Impact香港作為新居者的喬遷禮物,將440kg的干淨肥皂分類發送給菲律賓的Soap Cycling慈善夥伴,並進行組裝1000個衛生工具包。這些工具包中的360個立即被發送到Impact Hong Kong的客房,分發給無家可歸者和香港有需要的人。其餘的640個工具包將送給柬埔寨、老撾和巴拉伊的中學體驗學習課程之旅中使用。最後,志願者們準備了T卹製成的織物條,以便準備今年冬天即將開展的一年級服務計劃。僅僅兩個小時便完成了這麼多工作!


**請觀看Powerpoint演示文稿,以獲取有關這些組織的更多信息。還可以觀看Soap Cycling Youtube ( 視頻,去了解更多老撾南部最新的眾籌活動。我們活動的收益將會全部用於支持老撾南部的眾籌活動!