Have You Considered Joining the ISF Academy PTA’s Representative Council?

The ISF Academy PTA Ltd. (“the PTA”) provides the main avenue for parent participation as a group.  Up to 16 volunteers are elected to the PTA Representative Council (“RC”) and as a RC member, you will work closely with the school on, and help develop solutions to, issues related to the ISF Academy community. 




You will attend monthly RC meetings and also take on one or more leadership roles such as coordinating the PTA Network, PTA finances, maintaining membership records, implementing traffic solutions, and managing PTA member communications.  RC members are also counted on to organize and coordinate other PTA volunteer activities and events such as social evenings, Speaker Series, second hand uniform sales, library programs and the PTA Annual Event.  

As a member of the PTA RC, you will play an integral role in achieving the PTA’s objectives as follows:

1)       to support The ISF Academy in its efforts to provide quality education;

2)       to build a sense of community within The ISF Academy among the students, the faculty, the School Management Committee (“SMC"), the Board of Governors ("Board") and parents of the students;

3)       to foster partnership between parents, the faculty, the SMC, and the Board;

4)       to support The ISF Academy in its efforts to create and foster a community of happy, creative, life-long learners, in which respect, truth, and integrity are always upheld by all; and

5)       to provide a forum for expression of views of general interest to the students and the faculty, the SMC, the Board and the parents.

If you wish to express your interest in taking up a role in the RC, or if you would like to better understand the responsibilities entailed, kindly send an email to 2018AGM@isfpta.org by no later than Friday, September21st, 2018.

Once your email is received a representative from the current RC will follow up to explain responsibilities, roles and next steps. 

There are currently 8 positions that are open.  The Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 25th .




1.    支持學校提供高質素的教育;

2.    建立學生、教職員、學校管理委員會(「管委會」)、學校校董會(「校董會」)及學生家長之間的社群關係;

3.    強化家長、教職員、管委會及校董會之間的互助合作;

4.    支持學校建造及強化一個由快樂而富創造力的終身學習者組成的社群,在這個社群中,所有人都信守真理,誠實正直;及

5.    提供一個平台,讓關乎學生、教職員、管委會、校董會和學生家長的各種事項之意見得以充分表達。