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Primary Booklet Design Competition


The PTA Community Services Team is hosting a Primary Booklet Design Competition.  The aim of this competition is to:

  • Arouse our primary students’ awareness to kids of their age, living overseas, in a different environment.
  • Tap into the valuable resources at our Primary, the creative minds, on drawing and writing.
  • Provide simple reading materials to overseas kids with less access to prints.
  • A joint services activities between the Primary students and Secondary students

The primary kids are invited to design on a folded A3 paper.  They can choose from 4 topics and who their target readers to be. The Secondary CCA students, Right to Act group, who visit various places in South East Asia during their ELP trips, will bring along copies of the winning entries, to sent over to the locals kids during their ELP trips. The countries that will be visited includes, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  These booklets will be very good educational materials for these overseas kids.



  • All ISF Primary Students, From FY to G5
  • Students can submit individual works
  • Students are also encouraged to work in groups


ENTRY CATEGORIES (Target Readers of your Booklet)

  • Category 1:  Kindergarten readers;
  • Category 2: Grade 1-3 readers;
  • Category 3: Grade 4-6 readers



After picking the Categories, each entry can select from one of the following topics for the theme

  1. Personal Hygiene
  2. Plastic wastes
  3. Numbers
  4. Alphabets



  • English as the primary language on the booklet;
  • Student can choose to include translation of one of the following languages in the booklet:
    • Thai,
    • Khmer,
    • Lao, or
    • Vietnamese.



1, Design on any A3 paper folded into 8 sections (see attached image)

1 Fold an A3 size paper into 8 parts

and cut a slot as shown

2 Fold the paper up

3 It now becomes an 8-page booklet,

ready for design


2, Your favourite drawing pens and colouring tools.

3, Students can use their own A3 paper from home;  There will be a designated box with folded A3 paper at the Library, interested student can pick up the A3 paper there too.



  1. Convey the message of the selected topic;
  2. Easy to read;
  3. Attractive.



  1. Ms Jeena Mckee,
  2. Ms Monica Lo,
  3. Mr Simon Joyce,
  4. Ms Robyn O’Shea.



Please include on each submission:

  1. Students’ Name
  2. Students’ Class
  3. Students’ email address
  4. Parent’s email address
  5. The category entered



  • Deadline of Submission: 26 Apr, 2019 (Friday)
  • A Submission Box will be placed in the Primary Office from 1 Mar till 26 Apr



  • Announcement will be made in mid May.
  • There will be a presentation of certificates during Assembly
  • The winning entries will be duplicated.  The secondary students will bring the duplicated copies along and distribute to the children during their ELP trip.



If you have any queries about the Primary Booklet Design Competition, please feel free to email me at rosetta.kwong@isfpta.org

Friends of the Library talk - An Introduction to Library Research Big Six- CANCELLED

This talk was originally scheduled to be held tomorrow morning (30 January). Due to the sickness of one of our speakers, the talk will be cancelled tomorrow. It will be rescheduled and we will notify you the details as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


由於明天主持會議的其中一位老師生病了, 現抱歉地通知你明天的講座將會改期舉行。 確實的日期將於稍後通知你。


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2018 Sandy Bay Beach Cleanup Success

With a pleasant weather day and strong turnout from the ISF Academy community we are happy to report that 160 volunteers cleaned up the Sandy Bay Beach on Monday, November 19th.

In total, 182 bags weighing close to 455 kg were collected.  The beach took quite a beating from Typhoon Mangkhut but we still found considerable styrofoam and plastic in addition to a mix of metal and fishing boat tools.  

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March 19th, Saturday, ISF Academy PTA Annual Party at HONG KONG DISNEYLAND 弘立家長教師會年度慶典 3月19日週六於香港迪士尼樂園

Ticket sales are now closed.  Thank you for your support and see you on March 19th!  

門票發售現已截止! 謝謝大家的支持, 我們迪士尼見!

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